Redmine is the sh!t.

I have been using Redmine for managing projects for a number of years now.
I know I tend to go off on rants but Redmine is a “how did I function without it” tool like Firebug, Git or Eclipse.

If anything it helps organize everything, keep everything in one place and keep unnecessary client interaction (emails) to a minimum. Emails are a terrible way to deal with clients when it comes to change/feature requests, bugs, instructions/documentation, documents and all that.

Every time something changes or gets updated on redmine, including the progress of the item, the client is notified. So Instead of having to email the client with a detailed status report on a project you can send them to the project page and everything is there in one place. As an added bonus control freaks love it. They can track the progress of EVERYGODDAMNTHING.

That will not stop clients from abusing redmine like they do with emails but it definitely makes it harder for them to bug the shite out of you…


Great *AMP Server for windows


This is a LOT easier  to use than XAMPP. It also does a LOT more out of the box and is way more powerful, flexible and configurable. And it is way smaller. It is 160 megs unzipped as opposed to 500+ megs for Xampp and it is secure out of the box.

It is such a joy to use.


Google flights is…



Hands down the best, or rather the least painful, experience I have ever had booking a flight online. EVAR

Before this I used to loathe booking flights. It used to be a multi hour, tedious and toilsome affair trying to get the right combo of a good price at a decent time with enough wiggle room between flights. Especially if you are flexible with dates and cities. Some towns are expensive to fly in and out of. It can add $100-$200 to the price easy. I mean, screw getting up at 3-4am to catch a 6am flight and/or running to catch a flight or missing it entirely because of a delay.

Mad props to the Google code poets! One thing I have learned over the years is that the easier a complex app is to use, the harder it was to make.

Super easy + super complex = Hard as hell.

You’re welcome.


Don’t you love it when…

It just works? The first Time(TM)

You know. When you have been putting off pushing changes to production for WAY too long. And you know that your merge is going to be a mess and that there are so many things could go wrong. But they don’t. And when you push everything to production… everything just works.

Git has been a total game changer for me. I remember the bad old days when managing versions of a site was a nightmare. When you have to make bug fixes on a live site and then manually having to edit the development site (with new features) to incorporate the bug fixes while also maintaining a local staging site to do testing and make bug fixes. And then having tons of dated zip files (each with their own directory trees) so you can rollback to previous versions. And then multiply that times three… What a goddamn mess.

Now I have everything in one place (literally) and and swapping between staging, development and production is as simple as running a bash script or two. The same thing with pushing changes to production. Something to used to take 20-90 minutes takes 5 minutes (10 minutes on a bad day).

Great introduction to AngularJS


I wish I had seen this sooner.




A Windows command prompt that doesn’t suck

Well, at the very least it is WAY better than windows CMD.


It seems like the command prompt is back in style with the cool kids and FOSS projects these days. Every time I turn around I am having to do stuff in the command prompt.

Let’s face it, the windows command prompt sucks compared to *nix. I do a LOT of command prompt stuff in linux and every time I use windows CMD I get really frustrated.

So if you find yourself doing a lot of stuff in the command prompt you should check it out. It is like doing Linux commands in Windows. Very cool.

You can even do shell scripting (like BAT files) with it. You just put a bunch of commands in a text file with the extension *.sh and you can automate a lot of repetitive commands.


Great preso on Git

Learned some very cool tricks. The one that really stood out was how you can commit individual changes on a file without having to commit the entire file.
There are links toward to bottom for DLing the whole preso to your phone etc.
You’re welcome 😉